upper limit of accessible memory space for a single process in Unix/Linux

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Old 04-30-2007
upper limit of accessible memory space for a single process in Unix/Linux

Hellp all,

if there is 3G memory in my Unix server I want to know if all the 3G space can be used by ong sigle process. As i know, in Windows, one process can only access at most 1G memory despite there is probably more than 1G memory is equipped.
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Old 04-30-2007
Available virtual memory = RAM + swapfile - (currently in use)
So, if the total is 3GB + (probably) 6GB swap, you have nine GB to use. The total memory for a process is kernel space + user space. What version of unix do you have?
For example, free gives you this information on Linux boxes.

Generally, processes that use huge amounts of memory will cause the system to bog because of all the extra paging activity involved. If this is a multiuser system, you might want to ask first. And check ulimit for your account, also.
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