Information about users who have logged.

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Old 12-26-2001
Information about users who have logged.

Suppose I have a programme called Menu. This menu has various choices as we would expect from a Menu.

Now Can you Please help me as I want the details of the Users to be registered to some file , Whoever has entered this particular Program . Basically to see the username and the time that user had logged in & logged off.

Any suggestions or ideas will be highly appreciated.

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Old 12-26-2001
If your programme is a unix script, at script startup you can:

echo `date` `whoami` login >> menu.log

and when they exit the menu, you can:

echo `date` `whoami` logout >> menu.log

If you want to track certain menu selections, for those menu selections, you can:

echo `date` `whoami` Order Report >> menu.log
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Old 12-26-2001
Thanx for ur help. that's perfect.
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