Increase space in the solaris file system

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Old 12-20-2001
Increase space in the solaris file system

How can I check how much space is left in the solaris file system? and how can I increase those space in the file system?. I am trying to install Oracle Database on Solaris 8.But, it keep giving me error message says that"There is not enough space on the volume you have specified".


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Old 12-27-2001


You can Try Df -k command to see the file system size in unix..if you are using solaris and bdf will do in HPUX....
then to increase file system size it will be always advisable to take the back up first and then do the manipulation and restore the data........
U can increase file system size in solaris ..use format command to select a hard disk and chenage the size.create a new file system and mount it on required mount point..BUT DON"T FORGET TO TAKE BACK before.
IN HPUx you can increase the file system size through SAM utility..with out taking back up also no data will be lost but always play safe and keep back up.
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