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Old 12-20-2001
Regarding UNIX dumb terminals

Respected members of the Forum,
This is my first post.

I have a few questions regarding dumb terminals and VT100 dumb terminal emulators.

I have to connect a few dumb terminals to an IRIX server

There are two options

1) Use Dumb terminals directly
2) Use a Terminal emulator like Hyperterminal.

All the dumb terminals will have to be connected with serial cabling.

Now I have connected a serial cable (DB9 pin) between my Windows PC and my SCO UNIX server on my home network before I really implement it in my work environment.However I am not able to connect to the UNIX server through the serial cable.

What I wanted to know from the respected members of the forum is that is there any problem in the cable, or is it necessary to have any special type of serial cable to connect the Windows server to my UNIX box.

Any help on this topic will be of great help to a UNIX newbie like me

Thanking you

CCNA 2.0 , MCSE 2000
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Old 01-15-2002
If I understand what you are trying to accomplish with your home computer... You have a unix server. May I ask what version of Unix are you using?

I am extremely familiar with connecting "dumb" terminals to Unix servers as well as PC's using terminal emulation software.

Your serial port speed on your Unix server must match the serial port speed you setup on your Windows PC. Normally 38400 is the max in which you would connect a "dumb" terminal since more than likely you are using a text based application. You must also have "login" running on the Unix serial port.

Give me more info as for the operating system. Also, check to see if you have a file in /etc named inittab and ttytype
send me the contents of these 2 files via email if you wish.
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