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Old 12-18-2001
Data for loop very slow

Dear unix users,

Any comments on this matter or not? I've been facing this kind of problem for very long. Thinking how to make my script move faster instead of using C to write it. I still prefer using Shell script.

Normally a FOR loop will make the script loop for very long time, what to do to avoid using FOR loop or any other subjections?
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Old 12-19-2001
It really depends on what you are tryin to acheive with your script. You really need to provide more information - because everyone has to guess what your script has to acheive - and any suggestions may in fact be inappropriate for you.

So if you want a better answer - or any answer - give us some more info on your script.

Having said that - using a while loop can increase efficiency - but only if you want to stop looping once a condition has been met. I'm assuming you know while- but if not just check the man pages for 'while'.

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