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Old 02-06-2001
Howdy all. I am trying to configure a command file to be executed from a Sparc station to an E10000 to shut down at the same time. I do not have the hardware in which to actively test the script, but I do need some guidance, and Sun's documention on the E10000 leaves alot to be desired.

Here is what I have so far. The normal shutdown script for the Sun Control terminal is shutdown -y -g0 -10 (solaris 7). I am not familiar with the E10000's role in general (does it have its own user interface, or is control done though a proprietary interface, etc.) Will an E10000 be shutdown when the control terminal is shutdown, or does it need the script I have written below:

#Script remotely executes shutdown command

rsh -n -l root server2 /usr/sbin/shutdown -y -g 60 -i 0

#root is the logon user account this machine is using to #log onto the remote server
#called server2

#the remote command executed is "shutdown" with the #appropriate switches for

The root account on the control terminal will be trusted.
I have dicussed this with a few other people, and they mentioned something about a "power" command to be included, but I can find nothing on that command besides power management.

Thoughts, opinions?



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Old 02-06-2001
When I want to shutdown remote machines, I normally SSH or TELNET to the machine and issue the shutdown command. Running R* commands are considered pretty risky, from a security point of view and we always disable all R* commands. Of course SSH is more secure than TELNET, so you might consider installing SSH if you need a more secure method than TELNET.

On the otherhand, your RSH method will work, if you set it up properly, it is not the way I would do it, simply because I always disable these.

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