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gzipping large (2+ gb) files.

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gzipping large (2+ gb) files.

Is it possible?

I am trying to do it with gzip 1.2.4 and it comes back saying the file type is too large.

Any way to compress massive things?
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The newest version of gzip (at least 1.3.3) supports files greater than 2 GB.
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Originally Posted by LordJezo
Is it possible?

I am trying to do it with gzip 1.2.4 and it comes back saying the file type is too large.

Any way to compress massive things?
I had a similiar situation to compress files of size more than 3 GB files.
Best way I would suggest is to write a custom utility probably in langauge standards.

But I say maintenance is tedious.

But that was very useful hence forth. Smilie

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