Learning Unix/Linux from the Start?

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Learning Unix/Linux from the Start?

I was wondering if someone could tell me where I could learn everything about Unix/Linux

and I was also wondering what the differance between Unix and Linux was Smilie

Ive never used it, never seen it.. But Im interested in learning Smilie
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For a start

One start - link
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ahh Im sorry didint see that :S
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I thought I'll just share some knowledge about Unix and Linux.

I used Unix many years ago and the main features I remember about it are

1) The command line interface
2) The Vi Editor
3) Shell scripting
4) Regular Expressions

Unix is a powerful text-based operating system, its commands are terse, have many options and have many capabilites.

Recently we installed Linux, and the differences I observed were that Linux came with a GUI interface. Among the similarities I noticed that Linux also has a command line interface, and most commands I remembered from Unix also worked. For example ls for listing a directory, mkdir for creating a directory and so on.

I'm guessing that Unix might also have a GUI interface, but I'm not sure.

There are some commands that will help you discover or reference all other commands, configure commands etc.

These commands are

1) apropos - allows one to look-up search for commands by keyword.

2) man - allows one to look up the details of a particular command, it's options etc.

3) alias - allows one to assign a different name to an existing command, or a command with options.

I don't know if the information I gave confused you more.

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