samba / cifs on HPUX 11

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Old 11-29-2001
samba / cifs on HPUX 11

I installed samba on HPUX 11.
But I cannot find the computer on NT netwrok neighbourhod.

Should I post samba config file.
Or else, can some one help me by posting the samba config file. I will try to modify the file accordingly.

Thank you for helping.
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Old 11-29-2001

the first tiem i used samba i forgot many things os i could not find it on the network.

thwe above two must be used. the most above is the workgroiup where all your winows pc are in and the second is the computer name if one is not fille you proberly have troubles finding it.
workgroup = thuis
netbios name = freebsd
this is optional and you can give this way more then one name to your computer
netbios aliases = amdk6-2
your raneg must be here this is for mask range.
hosts allow = 192.168. 127.
put here the ip from your computer where the clients conenct though.
interfaces =

if you have filled in these you mus5 able to find the machine (i onyl have linux and freebsd here running so i do nto know if there are any hp-uc specific things where you need to watch for).
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Old 11-30-2001
I can see the mahcine on network

Now I can see the mahcine on network using find computer.
I have to provide IP address to search.
ANy way..
But when I double click, it says not allowed from this station.

This seems to be the problem with host allow settings.

I want to give access to all the machines. Also I have DHCP. so my IP will change.

I am trying to configure with domain security.

Thank you for help.
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