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Declaring variable environments in .cshrc

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Old 11-29-2001
Declaring variable environments in .cshrc

Hi All,

I have been trying to set variable environment for the JAVA_HOME but it doesn' work. The path set is as follows

setenv JAVA_HOME "/usr/local/jdk1.3"
setenv PATH $JAVA_HOME/bin
setenv CLASSPATH ${JAVA_HOME}/lib/tools.jar:{JAVA_HOME}/lib/dt.jar
can anyone suggest Me where am I and how can I test this?


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Old 09-23-2002
First find out what shell you want to use.

If you are using Shell: C-shell, T-Shell
#Put in file $USER_HOME/.cshrc
setenv JAVA_HOME /home/myname/jdk1.4
setenv CLASSPATH .:/myclasses
setenv PATH $PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin

If you are using Shell: Bourn, K-Shell
JAVA_HOME = /home/myname/jdk1.4
CLASSPATH = .:/myclasses

To find out what shell enter at UNIX prompt.
%echo $SHELL

To run script.
For C Shell (csh):
%source ~/.cshrc
%which java

For ksh, bash or sh:
%. $HOME/.profile
%which java
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Old 09-23-2002
Quick correction:
Bourne related shells (sh, bash, ksh, etc...) cannot have a space in the assignment.
For example,
CLASSPATH = .:/myclasses
should be:

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