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Constantly updating log files (tail -f? grep? awk?)

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Old 12-03-2006
Constantly updating log files (tail -f? grep? awk?)

I have a log file which is continuously added to, called log.file. I'd like to
monitor this file, and when certain lines are found, update some totals in
another file. I've played around with tail -f, grep, and awk, but can't seem
to hit the right note, so to speak.

The lines I'm interested in will have a "|" in them, will have one of these
words (stockA, stockB, stockC), and will not have the word "DEBUG". Here
are a few example lines that meet those criteria:

| 3: stockA 3.45 ---- 1408.00 90.00 159.00
|B 3: stockA 3.46 - - - ---- 1487.00 440.00 0.00
| 3: stockC 17.53 - - - ---- 1497.00 10.00 15.00

I'd like to have a 2nd file (that will then be used on a webpage) that
has a total for each stockA/stockB/etc. When a line is found that
satisfies the conditions above, I'd like to take the last number in the
line, subtract the 2nd to last number, then adjust the corresponding
total in the 2nd file. So for the above lines, if file2 looked like this:

stockA 225
stockB 23500
stockC -50

after all three lines had been taken care of, it would look like:

stockA 294
stockB 23060
stockC -45

I first tried using grep, and thought this was the right way to start:

tail -f log.file | grep "|" | grep "stockA\|stockB" | grep -v "DEBUG" >> 2nd.file

but it doesn't seem to be working exactly right. Also, i'm not sure how to
then adjust the totals in 2nd.file. I looked at using awk, but I have no experience
wtih it.

Any kind of help or pointers from a kind soul would be appreciated!

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