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find -perm query

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Old Unix and Linux 11-28-2006
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find -perm query

I was going through a find tutorial and just couldn't get it...can someone explain it like he/she would explain a brain damaged dodo?

"find allows you to specify a pattern that can be bit-wise ANDed with the permissions of the file. Simply put a minus sign before the octal value. The group write permission bit is octal 20, so the following negative value:

find . -perm -20 -print

will match the following common permissions:

|Permission Octal value |
|rwxrwxrwx 777 |
|rwxrwxr-x 775 |
|rw-rw-rw- 666 |
|rw-rw-r-- 664 |
|rw-rw---- 660 |
If you wanted to look for files that you can execute, (i.e. shell scripts or programs), you want to match the pattern "--x------," by typing:

find . -perm -100 -print

When the -perm argument has a minus sign, all of the permission bits are examined, including the set user ID bits. "

so the question is: what is the calculation behind the 20 in '-perm -20' and the 100 in '-perm -100'?


Brain Damaged Dodo
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Old Unix and Linux 11-28-2006
Perderabo's Unix or Linux Image
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You have to know octal - binary conversion. 020 in octal is 000010000 in binary. And looking at the permission bits:
rwx rwx rwx
000 010 000

So we start with all zeros and replace the zero with a one if we are interested in that bit. Then we convert to octal. See my article on file permissions in our tips and tutorials section for more info.
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