Help required for usermod command

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Help required for usermod command


I would need to modify my machine name :
When i give "w" command, i am getting following message

krishnag pts/59 gunasekar 1:25pm 25:15 0.03s 0.03s -csh.

My questions is, i need to change FROM (i.e machine name): "gunasekar" to

Is there any command changing my machine names using usermod command?

How should i do that? Can anyone help me?

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How can we change the machine name?

I would need to modify my machine name :
When i give "w" command, i am getting following message

krishnag pts/59 gunasekar 1:25pm 25:15 0.03s 0.03s -csh.

My questions is, i need to change my machine name: "gunasekar" to

Can anyone help?

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