Removing the default 0.25 inch x-offset from postprint

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Old 11-20-2006
Question Removing the default 0.25 inch x-offset from postprint?

I have set up a printer with
lpadmin -p printername -o protocol=bsd,dest=hostname,banner=never -v /dev/null -m netstandard -T PS -I
to get around some other problems as that the printer completely ignored the print jobs when it was originaly sent as plain text. Sending it as postscript also takes care of non-english characters.

Everything is peachy, except postprint moves everything 0.25" to the right by default. As the print-job is created by a COBOL system, I can't just add "-y x=0" to the lp command to remove it.

Anyone who could give me some pointers how to fix this? Any good swith to lpadmin? Or how I could alter a printer filter... Smilie

Thanks in advance Smilie

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xplsprinters(1x)														  xplsprinters(1x)

xplsprinters - shows a list of Xprint printers and it's attributes SYNOPSIS
xplsprinters [-printer printername] [-d] [-l] [-dump] [-h] DESCRIPTION
xplsprinters is a utility for Xprint, the printing system for the X Window system. It can deliver both a list of printers and attributes supported for a specific list of printers. OPTIONS
-printer printername printer to use -dump dump all available printer attributes -h | -? print usage -d print description for each printer -l list detailed printer attribute information ENVIRONMENT
XPSERVERLIST ${XPSERVERLIST} must be set, identifying the available Xprint servers. See Xprint(7) for more details. EXAMPLES
List all available "X Print Specifiers" (printer names) % xplsprinters would print: printer: hplaserjet001@puck:33 printer: hpcolor4550_004@puck:33 printer: laser19@meridian:19 printer: xp_ps_spooldir_tmp_Xprintjobs@meridian:19 printer: xp_pdf_spooldir_tmp_Xprintjobs@meridian:19 Get information about the supported attributes of printer "ps002": % xplsprinters -printer ps002 -l would print: printer: ps002@castor:18 description= model-identifier=HPDJ1600C default-medium=iso-a4 default-input-tray= medium-source-sizes-supported=iso-a4 false 6.35 203.65 6.35 290.65 medium-source-sizes-supported=na-letter false 6.35 209.55 6.35 273.05 default-printer-resolution=300 resolution=300 default_orientation= orientation=portrait orientation=landscape default_plex= plex=simplex NOTES
The list of builtin fonts supported by a printer can be obtained using the xlsfonts command. SEE ALSO
Xprint(7), X11(7), xprehashprinterlist(1x), xphelloworld(1x), xpxmhelloworld(1x), xpawhelloworld(1x), xpxthelloworld(1x), xpsimplehel- loworld(1x), xlsfonts(1x), Xserver(1x), Xprt(1x), libXp(3x), libXprintUtils(3x), libXprintAppUtils(3x), XmPrintShell(3x), Xaw- PrintShell(3x), Xprint FAQ (, Xprint main site ( 8 October 2004 xplsprinters(1x)

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