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CPU & Memory Archive (tar)


I want to archive below directories
ex: /home/oracle/ddd0

I want a command(tar) which will let me archive the above directories excluding *.dmp(dump files), *.log(log files) in those directories.

So the archived file doesn't have *.dmp(dump files), *.log(log files) in it.

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Depending on your tar version, there's an option which allows you that. For instance, Solaris 9 tar man page says:
 X     Exclude. Use the exclude-file argument as a file  con-
           taining  a  list  of relative path names for files (or
           directories) to be  excluded  from  the  tarfile  when
           using the functions c, x, or t. Be careful of trailing
           white spaces. Also beware  of  leading  white  spaces,
           since,  for each line in the excluded file, the entire
           line (apart from the newline) will be  used  to  match
           against the initial string of files to exclude. Multi-
           ple X arguments may be used, with one exclude-file per
           argument.  In  the  case  where included files (see -I
           include-file option) are also specified, the  excluded
           files  take  precedence  over all included files. If a
           file is specified in both  the  exclude-file  and  the
           include-file  (or  on  the  command  line), it will be

Anyway, you could do something like:
touch /tmp/bck.tar && find /home/oracle/ddd[12] ! -name "*log" ! -name "*dmp" -type f -exec tar uvf /tmp/bck.tar {} \;

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Error Archive (tar)


I want to archive below directory
ex: /home/oracle/dd0
sub-directories in dd0

I want a command(tar) which will let me archive the above directory excluding *.dmp(dump files), *.log(log files) in that directory & in the sub-directories also.

So the archived file doesn't have *.dmp(dump files), *.log(log files) in it.

Pls reply ASAP.

The below reply for this post ignores the sub-directories.

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Have you tried the "X" tar option? Read your tar man page for more info...
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Hey Tell me how can we use Tar's "X" i.e. exclude option give me a example of command which can runs on SunOS and /bin/sh shell.

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