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vi editor

Can anybody give me a hint. Here is a task. T
Tere is a text file. It contains names. Some names have second and third names.
EX: Gordon Freeman
Contains second name
EX2: William Gilbert Ross
Contains second and third names
How can I delete lines that contain second and third names using one command?
Thank you in advance!!!!
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Looks like homework. Is it?
Do you want to just print only the first name on the screen, or do you want the file to be saved without the second/third names?

For the first, look up the man page of cut or awk. For the second, you'll have to use the vi editor. Check any of the myriad tutorials available online.
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Well, the thing is, those lines with second and third names have to be deleted from the file at all. The problem here is that the task is to delete all such lines using just one command. If it were not this strict I could use dd command in vi editor to do it.
By the way, the file must be edited in vi editor. So, apparently, there should some command to perform this task. That's why I asked.
Thank you, blowtorch, for the message.

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