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Reflection X clipboard issues

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Old 10-03-2006
Reflection X clipboard issues


Has anyone else ever run into a problem with Reflection X and clipboard not working? I'll copy something command line, try to vi into a file and paste it and it either pastes nothing or sometimes the correct data and even in some cases it will print stuff in the clipboard from 3 copies ago.

I tired looking on Reflections site for help but I only have the 60 day demo and they don't provide much help for demo users.

Anyone run into a problem like this?

Reflection X ver 14 and Solaris 9
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Old 10-03-2006
I am using reflection in Windows. I am not sure whether you did the following mistake. In windows we used to press Ctrl + C for copying. But in reflection we have to use Ctrl + Ins to copy the text. Instead of Ctrl + Ins i used to press Ctrl + C and get the wrong data.
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Old 10-03-2006
Yea, I'm using it in windows also. I'm highlighting the text with left mouse button and pasting with middle button, and it is just flipping out.

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