Shell script: Cut / (slash) character in string

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Old 01-26-2001
Java Shell Script: Cut '\' character in string

I have a string "\/scratch\/databases\". I want
to have a new string "\/scratch\/databases" by cutting last '\' character using shell script. I can't do this
Please help me.
Thanks in advance

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Old 01-27-2001

You must use a \ in front of the \ to make it a \\ in your search and replace functions because of the special nature (meta) of the \ char. Example in vi editor:


The fragment above says "search for the \ at the end of a line and replace with nothing" Smilie

Note. that I've not tested the fragment above and it might need some more tweaking to work.

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Old 01-29-2001
Re: \\

Thank you so much for your reply.
I tried
:%s/\\$// don't replcae '\' character at the end of line
:%s/\\// replace only first '\' character of line
:%s/\\//g replace all '\' characters of line.

I need help.
Thanks in advance
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Old 01-29-2001
If you want to do it in vi, I would use this:


Your original post said you are trying to write a shell script. In which case, you could do:

echo $FOO | sed 's/\\$//'
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Old 01-30-2001
Thank you so much for your help.
I've got it as follows:
echo $FOO | sed 's/\\$//' > tmp.log
DAEHOME=`cat tmp.log`
I can not use
DAEHOME=`echo $FOO | sed 's/\\$//'`
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