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date information of a directory

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Old 06-29-2006
date information of a directory

when i list the content of a directory
date informations are also listed (ls -ltr)
for included files and directories.

for example: i see the date Jun 29 14:43
for one of the included directory,
but when i look into the files contained in
this directory i cannot see any file with this date
(including the hidden files)

how can this happen?
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Old 06-29-2006
From man ls,

.. ls -l option gives a long listing of files along with mode, ACL indication, number of links, owner, group etc.. The date/time you see there is the time of last modification of the file / directory. So, isn't it logical if any file(s) in that directory do not have the same modification date as the directory itself?

U many try copying an old directory to another location and observe the timestamps of this new directory and its contents...hope this helps.


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