capturing oracle procedure out param value

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Old 10-23-2001
capturing oracle procedure out param value

I have a procedure with an out parameter, I want to use this value in a shell script, I've done this in perl before but they want this to be a ksh script. what is the syntax to do this.

this was my first thought;

sqlplus -s scott/tiger@db << EOF

$result=check_success('SID') from dual;

echo $result;

any ideas?? Thanks
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Old 10-23-2001
Well, I don't know what your data types are but you should
be able to do...


sqlplus -s scott/tiger@db << EOF > /tmp/result.$$
declare invar number;
declare outvar char(30);
exec myschema.mypkg.myproc(invar, outvar);

read result /tmp/result.$$
echo $result
rm -f /tmp/result.$$
exit 0

...If I thought about for a while, I could come up with
somthing much cleaner but you get the idea.
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