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check for successfull telnet session

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Old 05-15-2006
check for successfull telnet session

In either case using ksh or tcl, how can I check that I have a successfule telnet session and am being prompted with a tacacs login prompt ?

DOIT () {
sleep 2
echo "<tacacs name >"
sleep 1
echo "<password>"
echo "en"
sleep 1
echo "<enable password>"
echo "term length 512"
echo "show config"
echo "term length 50"
echo "disable"
echo "exit"

while read x
  DOIT | telnet $x 


#!/usr/local/bin/expect --
# log_user 0
spawn telnet
expect "telnet>"
send "open [lindex $argv 0]\n"
expect "e: "
send "[lindex $argv 1]\n"
expect "d: "
send "[lindex $argv 2]\n"
expect ">"
send "ena\n"
expect "d: "
send "<enable password>"
expect "#"


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