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To remove the extra spaces in unix

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Bug To remove the extra spaces in unix

I am quite new to Unix and would like an issue to be resolved.

I have a file in the format below;
4,Reclaim,ECXTEST02,abc123,Harry Potter,5432 6730 0327 5469,0603,,MC,,1200,EUR,sho-001,,1,,,abc123,1223

I would like my output to be as follows;

4,Reclaim,ECXTEST02,abc123,Harry Potter,5432673003275469, 0603,,MC,,1200,EUR,sho-001,,1,,,abc123,1223

i.e i want the inbetween spaces from the 6th field to be removed.
Please do help

Thanks in advance
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nawk -F, -v OFS=, '{ gsub(/ /,//, $6); print }'

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Thanks a lot.
But when I tried using the above nawk command, I got the followin error;
"nawk: empty regular expression
source line number 1
context is
{ gsub(/ >>> /,// <<< , $6); print }"

Not sure on what I m missing out.

Please do help me out. Thanks...
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Originally Posted by vino
nawk -F, -v OFS=, '{ gsub(/ /,//, $6); print }'


nawk -F, -v OFS=, '{ gsub(" ","", $6); print }'

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Thats gr8888! A Million thanks to you...
Itz working perfect...

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