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tar --newer = tar --newer-mtime ?

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Old 10-15-2001
tar --newer = tar --newer-mtime ?


I have the following question :

As far as I know unix doesn't store file creation dates.
Would that imply the following?

tar -cvzf backup.tar --newer

is equal to:

tar -cvzf backup.tar --newer-mtime ?
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Old 10-16-2001
Well, since neither my RedHat 6.2 or AIX 4.3.3 "tar"s
seem to support the "--newer" option, I cannot say with
absolute certainty but, it appears that the "-mtime" would
refer to the last "modification" time. I'm also assuming that you
can also use "-atime" and "-ctime" which would correspond
to last "access" time and last "change" time respectivly.
What does your man page say with regard to the use of these
modifiers vs. not using a modifier (default)?

Also, you are correct. UNIX does not store file "creation"
date/time info.

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