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Converting unstructured data to structured data

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Old 06-07-2016
In the meantime, you might want to try this... I'd like to hear from you if it works in general, even if you prefer the perl thingy Smilie

header=(); values=(); start=0

while IFS=":" read var val

 if [[ "$var" = "{" && "$start" = "0" ]]; then # "new" set detected

 elif [[ "$var" = "" ]]; then

 elif [[ "$var" = "}" ]]; then # end of a set
  printf "%s\n%s\n" "${header[@]}" "${values[@]}"
  start=0; header=(); values=()

 else # process stuff within a set

  var="${var//\"/}"; var="$(echo $var)"
   [[ "${#header[@]}" -eq "0" ]] && header=("$var") || header=("${header[@]}","$var")

  val="${val# }"; val="${val%,}"
   [[ "${#values[@]}" -eq "0" ]] && values=("$val") || values=("${values[@]}","$val")


done <inputfile

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Old 06-07-2016
Originally Posted by naveen.kuppili
Thanks Aia. Also, if we have two or more sets of data instead of one as mentioned below

  "branchId" : "BNSFGDJNSJG-73264HB-132131BNHJFSDG",
  "branchName" : "NEWYORK-SSDF",
  "branchProductId" : "72Y5HFHSF7H3RUNAWEF",
  "PreferenceId" : "BASDBVcbzcYHcb",
  "emailId" : "",
  "firstName" : "FNM",
  "lastName" : "LNM",
  "middleName" : "",
  "userId" : "LSDFJDSJMDFG238487ybsgfd"

  "branchId" : "BNSFGDJNSJG-73264HB-132131BNHJFSDG",
  "branchName" : "NEWYORK-SSDF",
  "branchProductId" : "72Y5HFHSF7H3RUNAWEF",
  "userId" : "LSDFJDSJMDFG238487ybsgfd"

And what changes are required to get the output as below



As long as the file looks like you have posted, this might do it:

perl -nle 'BEGIN{$/="\n\n"; $"=","} @h=@r=(); while(/(\w+)"\s+:\s+("[^"]*")/g){push @h,$1; push @r,$2} print "@h\n@r\n"' naveen.file



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Old 06-07-2016
A little bit playin with ruby....

#!/usr/bin/env ruby 

# call it with: ./thisfile.rb data.txt

word  = '[^"]*'
block = '{[^}]+}'[0]).read.scan(/#{block}/m).map{ |current_block|
        puts current_block.scan(/^\s*"(#{word})"/m).map{|key|key[0]}.join(",") + "\n" +
             current_block.scan(/^\s*"#{word}" : ("#{word}")/m).map{|val|val[0]}.join(",")  

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