setting up cron job for month end week report

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Question setting up cron job for month end week report

Hi all,

Needs your help in scheduling a cron job for the below mentioned requirement. Just let me know if anybody has a similar job running as mentioned below:

Month end reports - Report of all items created in a parent table that were created during the week.

Presently this report runs every saturday as part of cron

20 03 * * 6 $HOME/job/ > $HOME/log/weekly_logs.log


In case month end(30 or 31) falls any day other than Friday/Saturday, we might have to run adhoc report to get models created from last run Saturday till 31st.

We need to automate this adhoc running - From the last run date(saturday) till month end(we can run <1st of next month)

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i m not able to understand your requirement.
plz define it in detail
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cron job executing '' to be ran on the LAST day of every month at 23:58 :
58 23 * * * [ `date +%d` -eq `echo \`cal\` | awk '{print $NF}'` ] &&

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thanks all:-)

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