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Shell script to check the file sitting in the directory more than 10 hours

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Shell script to check the file sitting in the directory more than 10 hours


I require shell script to check for any pending files which are sitting in the particular directory for more than 10 hours.

Please help me on this...Thank you.
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What operating system are you using?

Have you tried anything yourself?

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I am using AIX operating system & no I haven't tried anything.
I need it from the scratch.
Thanks in advance.

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Find old files

Hi, the below script will search through specified directories and look for specified files. If any file is older than 10 hours a notification email will be sent.



find /dir1 -cmin +600 -name "file1" > $OUT

find /dir2 -cmin +600 -name "file2" >> $OUT

find /dir3 -cmin +600 -name "file3" >> $OUT

if [[ -s $OUT ]] ; then

mail -s "Check why listed files have existed for more than 10 hours " emailaddre < $OUT


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Hi..Thank you for the script.

But I no need of searching the directories,i have a directory in that list of file present & in that files sitting more than 10 hrs suppose to move destination directory.

I just want to get the output of the file more than 10 hrs - no mail required as well.

Thanks in advance.
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We are not seeing much effort from your side, we are not here to do the work for you but here to help you ...
So explain what you are not able to do and show us what you have done so far

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