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Old 10-14-2001
Search and Replace with "sed

I have a file containung a list. each object in the list has 3 parts, which i will refer as x y z
I need to replace the x y z with the x alone and send it to a different file.
The x size is one caracter but it's value is changing. the y contained the x charecter, so I cant use the simple "sed" values. I found in the "man sed" an argumant that can be set "n=1-2048" but it doesn't seem to work. any ideas?
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Old 10-14-2001
Well... depending on the "structure" of the
data items in the file, you could simply
use a shell script and "read" each line into
3 distinct variables and simply "echo" the single
variable to a new file. Again, I'm also not
exactly sure if you also wanted to strip the
first variable from the source file but you
could do somthing like...


while read first second third
echo $first >> ./new_file_1var
echo $second $third >> ./new_file_2vars
done < ./source_file_3vars

exit 0

Again, this assumes the data in the source file
contains no spaces in the data items themselves
only whitespace separating data items.
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