Replacing special character with sed

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Replacing special character with sed

Hi All,

I have a text file that contains

I1SP2 *=*=Y=M=D001D

My requirement is to replace all occurrence of =* to =Z

expected o/p is
I1SP2 *=Z=Y=M=D001D

I have tried with
sed 's/=*/=Z/g' file
sed 's!\=*!\=Z/g' file
sed 's!\=*!\=Z!g' file
 sed 's!\=\*!\=Z!g' file

but its not working.

Please help !!
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Hi, try:
sed 's/=\*/=Z/g' file

You last attempt (sed 's!\=\*!\=Z!g' file) should have worked even though the backslash escapes of the = sign are unnecessary and so it could be reduced to:
sed 's!=\*!=Z!g' file

which is the same as my suggestions
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try also:
sed 's/=[*]/=Z/g' infile

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many thanks Scrutinizer and All.
The given code works fine. Actually there was another problem the file did not have a newline. I had to fold that file and then use sed.

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