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How can we connect multiple servers at a time?

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How can we connect multiple servers at a time?

help me

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lsdistcc(1)						      General Commands Manual						       lsdistcc(1)

lsdistcc - simple distcc server discovery SYNOPSIS
lsdistcc [OPTIONS] [FORMAT] lsdistcc [OPTIONS] host1 ... DESCRIPTION
lsdistcc autodetects listening distcc servers either by looking in DNS for hosts named according to a given FORMAT, or by checking the host names given on the command line. Hosts are considered good servers based solely on whether their name fits the format and whether they are listening on the right port (and optionally whether they respond when you send them a compile job). Scans for hosts named according to FORMAT (default is "distcc%d"; see printf(3)) and starting from 1, so hosts such as distcc1, distcc2, and so on. Stops after 7 seconds or the first host name that does not resolve. Prints the names of all such servers listening on distcc's port. If a list of host names is given in the command line, lsdistcc will only check those hosts. OPTIONS
--help Displays summary instructions -l Output latency in milliseconds after each hostname (not including DNS latency) -n Print IP address rather than name -x Append ,down to down hosts in host list -tTIMEOUT Set number of seconds to stop searching after [7] -hHTIMEOUT Set number of milliseconds before retrying gethostbyname [500] -cCTIMEOUT Set number of milliseconds before giving up on connect [900] (0 to inhibit connect) -kKTIMEOUT Set number of milliseconds before giving up on compile [1500] (0 to inhibit compile) -mBITS Set number of bits of address that must match first host found [0] -oOVERLAP Set number of extra DNS requests to send [1] -gDNSGAP Set number of missing DNS entries to tolerate [0] -rPORT Port to connect to [3632] -PPROTOCOL Protocol version to use (1-3) [1] -pCOMPILER Name of compiler to use [none] -d Append DNS domain name to format -v Verbose EXAMPLES
Scan for servers named distcc1, distcc2, ... that provide a compiler named gcc-4.6 and include their latencies in the output: $ lsdistcc -l -pgcc-4.6 Scan for a compiler named gcc-4.6 on the servers hosta, somehost, hostx, and hosty: $ lsdistcc -pgcc-4.6 hosta somehost hostx hosty To use the program in a build script, add the lines: DISTCC_HOSTS=`lsdistcc` export DISTCC_HOSTS before the line that invokes make. Or, in a Makefile, add the line: export DISTCC_HOSTS = $(shell lsdistcc) EXIT STATUS
The exit status is 0 if any servers were found, and 1 otherwise. Uses 'for i=1... sprintf(format, i)' to construct names of servers, stops after 7 seconds or at second server that doesn't resolve, prints the names of all such servers listening on distcc's port. Default format is distcc%d. SEE ALSO
distcc(1), distccd(1), printf(3) AUTHOR
lsdistcc was written by Dan Kegel, Dongmin Zhang, and Manos Renieris. This manual page was written by Daniel Hartwig for the Debian project. 1 May 2012 lsdistcc(1)

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