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Set sudo access to expire on given day\date?

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Old 10-06-2015
RedHat Set sudo access to expire on given day\date?

Scenario: Admin wants to grant user temporary access to sudo that will expire on an arbitrary date\day. Say, after 10 days, sudo rights disappear automatically.

I'm sure there's a way to hack something together with a script or cron job, but I was wondering if anyone has a package \ tool \ other that automates and makes this easy? If not, how do you recommend implementing it with cron \ script?

OS is Red Hat 6.x.

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Old 10-06-2015
I don't know any tools and don't have RHEL6 right now, but if your sudo is compiled with --with-env-editor, you can use any editor with visudo command to change /etc/sudoers. Then the "tool" could be something like this:

# echo -n "/username/\nd\nw\nq\n" | EDITOR=/bin/ed visudo

and all you need is to run it with at now + 10 days.
You can check, if your sudo compiled with --with-env-editor using the -V switch as root:
sudo -V

N.B. I didn't test it.
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Old 10-06-2015
random quick idea. make the sudo rule group based and setup the job to remove the user from that group on the day the access should be revoked.
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Old 10-07-2015
Somewhat flawed, but we use "at" and "usermod -G group-name user-name" to add a user to a group and "gpasswd -d user-name group-name" to remove. Two jobs, one to initiate, and one to end access and then as @frank_rizzo pointed out, we use a rule in sudo to allow access for that group-name.

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