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Retrieving names of files in a dir without overlapping

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Retrieving names of files in a dir without overlapping


I have been trying to retrieve the names of files present in a directory one by one but the names of files are getting overlapped on one another.

I tried the below command.
ls -1 > filename

please help me in getting the file names line by line without overlapping. I am using korn shell.
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your commanline would produce a file of filenames in one colon...
How can it get overlapping?
Show us what you are doing so we can understand your issue or the content of filename...
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Its not like all the file names are overlapping. Only few of the file names are getting overlapped in a single line. I have around 2832 files in a dir. When i executed the command , i just got 2751 file names in the generated file. When i went through the generated file, i was able to find some lines having more than one file names in one line. Some file names were even missed out.
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Samples, please, not necessarily all 2832 lines. Can you produce a hexdump of the relevant portions of the output file.
# 5  
And on what system you are running
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Please find the screenshot of names retrieved in the file. I have highlighted the overlapped line.
Retrieving names of files in a dir without overlapping-savejpg
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A screenshot doesn't help. Post/attach the file as is (text). What about the hexdump?

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