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This awk should work, shouldn't it?

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Originally Posted by sea
My question is more like if there is any specific reason, or did you just start from bottom?
What perhaps happened is: the output of curl is "counting upwards" like scp, yum and a lot of other tools. They do this by not sending a line break at the end of the line but a simple "carriage return" without a line feed, so they are overwriting one and the same line over and over again. For a log file this is just one long line and the updated numbers are different fields. If you do a longer download you will probably find the different fields over and over again,as they are updated during the download every seond or something such.

Try using "tr" to revert the carriage returns to real nextline characters and you have lines which should be fairly easy to parse.

I hope this helps.

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Ravinder: Ok, just wanted to be sure.
RudiC: Literal (copy-paste), as i get a 'blank screen' when pressing CTRL+M to get that character.

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@bakunin: Like: printf "\rReplace\rAgain\rAnother\rAnd so\rforth"?
But that doesnt output as curl does Smilie

Yikes, got it finaly, thanks for the hints!
sed s,'^M','\n',g out.tmp | awk 'END{print $27}'

But then again, its still the 27, not the 2nd as shown/visible.. :doh:

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This looks better:
sed s,'\r','\n',g out.tmp | awk 'END{NR=3}END{print $2}'

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Nooo - it needs to be the control char (as you can see in the hexdump)! Try the <Ctrl-V><Ctrl-M> combination.

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Or try -vRS=$'\r' (bashism!)
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Sorry Rudi, my hexdump'ish is not fluent.
Ok i guess that way no 'sed' is required Smilie

Anyway, it is working now.
Thanks alot, to all of you!

MAXVAL=$($AWK -vRS=$'\r' 'END{NR=3}END{print $2}' "$TUI_FILE_TEMP")


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