Sudo ssh with command running in background

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Old 09-24-2015
Sudo ssh with command running in background

I am trying to run a command. This is one of my attempts:

for i in fileservera; do ssh -t $i 'sudo ls /';done

This works, and I see the directories. However, what I want to do now is start a process on the remote server such as
/usr/bin/connectproc -standalone

sudo /usr/bin/connectproc -standalone

works fine on the remote server once I log in and run it. It even stays running when I logout.

But I can't get it to run when I use the sudo command with ssh. I've tried to use the following:

for i in fileservera; do ssh -t $i 'sudo/usr/bin/connectproc -standalone';done


for i in fileservera; do ssh -t $i 'sudo/usr/bin/connectproc -standalone &';done

it does not output anything, it appears to login to the remote server but I never see the command running. What would be the best way to get this command to run with the very simple script above?

This is my latest attempt:

for i in fileservera; do ssh -t $i 'nohup sudo /usr/bin/connectproc -standalone';done

This works, but as soon as I control -C (it gets stuck) the process dies on fileservera

Anyone have any idea?

I now tried to enclose with
for i in fileservera; do ssh -t $i '$(nohup sudo /usr/bin/connectproc -standalone &)';done

this works but it disconnects me at the end and the process dies in 30 seconds and does not keep alive

Also I have about 100 hosts with different Solaris/Linux so it is hard for me to use screen

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Old 10-07-2015
In two of your examples you have a typo 'sudo/usr/bin/connectproc.

You can leave the ssh session connected by calling ssh with a -f flag to background as soon as it's finished authentication.

If you want to cleanly and reliably start the process running then disconnect the ssh session from it, protect your commandline from inline interpretation by pushing a small script up first, then calling it:
scp targethost && ssh -t targethost 'sudo'
echo "Starting the thing"
nohup /usr/bin/connectproc -standalone &
echo "Started the thing on pid $!"

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