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Old 10-11-2001
Power access file for sendmail

I have created an access file using makemap and write in user email address that wish to be rejected by the mail server but it doesn't work. I still can receive the emails from the domains that are supposed to be REJECTED. Please help.
Sendmail version 8.9.1
Solaris 2.6
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Old 10-11-2001
Did you restart sendmail?
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Old 10-11-2001
Yes, of course.
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Old 10-12-2001
You must add the proper capabilities to your sendmail M4 macros when you build the file, discussed here:

Much of this documention on how to do anti-spam and other blocking is on-line:

Also, check here for a broader discussion :

In general, if those links don't answer your question, try:
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