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Old 08-25-2015
New to Unix

I'm new on the site and do not write very well in English, I am now using osx platform and was attracted to her. For several searches on random websites for Unix content yours was the best and most interesting, I registered and already visualized some very interesting content. But I wonder where should begin to start in the world of UNIX? What content should focus on?You could give me a way?
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Old 08-26-2015
Welcome to the forum, i hope you enjoy your stay here.

Please do not hijack other peoples threads. For your original problem open an original thread. I have moved your post here therefore.

and do not write very well in English
Don't worry. "Bad English" is perhaps the most common language here - i write it fluently myself - as long as we can understand what you mean and if we feel you at least try all is good.

We have a special forum which you might want to browse. In general i suggest to acquaint yourself with concepts first before you go into great detail.

You should have a general idea how networks in general (OSI-Model) and TCP/IP-networks in particular operate. Unix is a networked operating system from the start. You might also want to read a bit about operating system design in common (Tanenbaums book about Minix, for instance) to appreciate the way common problems for every OS were solved in Unix' design.

I hope this helps.

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Old 08-26-2015
Forgiveness for having commented on a topic of another author, I thought this was where I had to write.

Thank you for your attention and for the tip, I will behind these touches and tips and again sorry.
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Old 08-26-2015
But I wonder where should begin to start in the world of UNIX? What content should focus on?You could give me a way?
Linux or Unix
What's your interest on it? What makes you think about it?

Most will tell you to read this book or that book, perhaps some might tell you to practice or play with it.
I would like to suggest that you stick around, watching the requests that people post, then try to see if you can find a solution by learning about the issue and practicing, like if the problem were yours. Don't worry about answering any post.
In a short time, you might start posting back and answering some.
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