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how to print single quote in awk

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Old 03-16-2006
how to print single quote in awk

Hi all,

It is a very stupid problem but I am not able to find a solution to it.

I am using awk to get a column from a file and I want to get the output field in between single quotes. For example,


123 abc
321 ddff
433 dfg

I want output file to be as

value is 'abc'
value is 'ddff'
value is 'dfg'

the problem is how to get these single quotes in output, at this moment I am first taking *abc* and then replacing * with ' (single quote).
How can we do this with awk

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Old 03-16-2006
Show the awk syntax you are using as part of the script and the input data.
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Old 03-16-2006
nawk -v q="'" '{print q $2 q}' Input.txt

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Old 03-16-2006
Or use the ascii value...
awk '{print "\x27" $2 "\x27"}'

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Old 03-17-2006
Hi All,
vgersh and ygor thanks a lot for the help, both the above things are working perfectly fine.

Hugow thanks a lot for your time, the awk syntax which I will be using now is

awk -v q="'" '{print "value is" q $2 q}' inputfile
awk '{print "value is \x27" $2 "\x27"}' inputfile
Thanks and regards,
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Old 10-16-2007
a remarkable sequence of quote characters

awk '{ print "value is '"'"'" $2 "'"'"'" }' input.txt

which prints

value is 'abc'
value is 'ddff'
value is 'dfg'
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Old 08-20-2008
easier way

awk '{ print "value is","'\''" $2 "'\''" }' input.txt

does the same thing but may be easier to understand
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