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Getting command output to putty window title.

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Getting command output to putty window title.

Last 2 weeks I have searched many forums and i haven't found the answer for the question:
How to get all command output to Putty title?
Needed it for other programs to know when some jobs on a server is done and is it done right or wrong. Plink stdout and stdin wasn't working, i used many tweaks with wait delays and for some commands that worked for others not. XSEL and XCLIP couldn't be installed on that server.

So here is the solution:
1. Get command output in a file.
2. Echo that file to title.

on putty client and suse server it looks like this:
ls /home | grep domagaja > logutoit.txt 
echo -e "\033]0\\;$(cat logutoit.txt)\\007\\c"

Hopefully someone will be able to use this. It won't work for all server types and putty client settings, of course, but the idea should work well.

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Mod Comment Please use code tags next time for your code and data, thanks

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Thanks for sharing! Smilie

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