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Best Alternative for checking input parameter contains required value or not

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You can handle the "T" and "S" within awk.
awk '
(/Privilege Use/) {P=0}
(P) {print $0, (/No Auditing/) ? ";T" : ";S"}
(/Object Access/) {P=1}
' AdvancedAudit.txt

Where do the come from?
A file? A rule? (Which rule?)
I have made the awk statement multi-line, put the conditions in brackets, and moved the (P) condition so it does not act on the Object Access line.
This User Gave Thanks to MadeInGermany For This Post:
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Hi MadeInGermany,

Thanks, I have tried this out ,

awk '
/Privilege Use/ {P=0}
(P) {print $0, (/No Auditing/) ? ";T" : ";S"}
/Object Access/ {P=1}
' AdvancedAudit.txt

And it returns me this.

  File System                             No Auditing ;T
  Registry                                No Auditing ;T
  Kernel Object                           No Auditing ;T
  SAM                                     No Auditing ;T
  Certification Services                  No Auditing ;T
  Application Generated                   No Auditing ;T
  Handle Manipulation                     No Auditing ;T
  File Share                              No Auditing ;T
  Filtering Platform Packet Drop          No Auditing ;T
  Filtering Platform Connection           No Auditing ;T
  Other Object Access Events              No Auditing ;T
  Detailed File Share                     No Auditing ;T
  Removable Storage                       No Auditing ;T
  Central Policy Staging                  No Auditing ;T

The below mentioned is just an index which I used to label my report.

I find this useful

 ? ";T" : ";S"

Compared to doing this:
 grep -iq "No Auditing" && echo ';T' || echo ';F'`

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If you would post the entire, detailed layout of your problem including decent sample files instead of dropping bits here and pieces there, someone in here could hint you to something workable or even taylor a solution for you.

For example,
echo ";"    `var=$(awk '/Privilege Use/ {P=0} /Object Access/ {P=1} P' AdvancedAudit.txt | grep -ia 'File System') ; ech...
echo ""    `var=$(awk '/Privilege Use/ {P=0} /Object Access/ {P=1} P' AdvancedAudit.txt | grep -ia "Handle Manipulation"...
echo ";"    `var=$(awk '/Privilege Use/ {P=0} /Object Access/ {P=1} P' AdvancedAudit.txt | grep -ia "Filtering Platform ...
echo ";"    `var=$(awk '/Privilege Use/ {P=0} /Object Access/ {P=1} P' AdvancedAudit.txt | grep -ia "Certification Servi...

has opportunities.

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