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Aa_app varible in Linux

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Aa_app varible in Linux


I am analyzing linux script, below is the following script line

${AA_APP:-/opt/ty/aa}/sbin/save_file_list ApplEnv.prererun ${AA_APP:-/opt/ty/aa}/sbin/ApplEnv.install_save_list

I really dont understand what this line does, can someone explain me.

AA_APP is variable assigning /opt/ty/aa directory?
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man bash:
Use Default Values. If parameter is unset or null, the expansion of word is substituted. Otherwise, the value of parameter is substituted.
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Thanks, but still I dont understand does. why they are using two shell parameter. when I run this, its creating some file. but not getting exactly.

is it possible to explain me?
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Run command save_file_list from $AA_APP/sbin/ or, if AA_APP is NULL or unset, from /opt/ty/aa/sbin/ with first parameter ApplEnv.prererun and second parameter ${AA_APP}/sbin/ApplEnv.install_save_list or, if AA_APP is NULL or unset, /opt/ty/aa/sbin/ApplEnv.install_save_list. It looks to me as if the second par. might be a program to be run from within the command...
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Now the path would lead to /usr/share/sbin/save_file_list....
Now the path would lead to: /opt/ty/aa/sbin/save_file_list...

But saving a 'save_file_list' in a(ny) sbin path, isnt the best idea any way.


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