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Usage of zgrep

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Usage of zgrep


I have multiple files with name pattern as *.tar.gz, I want to search a standalone string inside it.
zgrep -a 707794 *.tar.gz

aa.tar.gz: 1|2|7.0707794|a|b|c
ab.tar.gz: 1|2|7.0000000707794|a|b|c
ac.tar.gz: 1|2|986707794|a|b|c
ad.tar.gz: 1|2|007700707794|a|b|c
ae.tar.gz: 1|2|09090707794|a|b|c

  1. I want to grep only those records where the pattern "707794" comes alone without any prefix and suffix
  2. I want to grep in multiple *.tar.gz . a pattern such that a pattern comes in the 1st column of a tar.gz file

Can anyone please help !

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try zgrep -a '^707794|' *.tar.gz

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