Write a while loop inside for loop?

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Write a while loop inside for loop?

I'm taking a unix class and need to countdown to 0 from whatever number the user inputs. I know how to do this with a while or until loop but using the for loop is throwing me off....

I know I can use an if-then statement in my for loop but can I include a while loop in my for loop?
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There's a special forum section for "homework" style stuff.

When you do move the post there, make sure you put in all the required info and you probably need to provide a bit more detail on your request (e.g. what language you are writing the program in).
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Yes, you can. Smilie

For any further/other questions, please use the homework section of the forum, following the mandatory template, as cjcox already stated.

hth & ty
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Do not post classroom or homework problems in the main forums. Homework and coursework questions can only be posted in this forum under special homework rules.

Please review the rules, which you agreed to when you registered, if you have not already done so.

More-than-likely, posting homework in the main forums has resulting in a forum infraction. If you did not post homework, please explain the company you work for and the nature of the problem you are working on.

If you did post homework in the main forums, please review the guidelines for posting homework and repost.

Thank You.

The UNIX and Linux Forums.

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