Bsub command

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Bsub command

Hi everyone,
I must write a Linux script for a biological analysis. I have an example for that which involves the "bsub" and "bsub-o" command, respectively. I cannot find a description for this command. Can you please help me?
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Neither bsub nor bsub-o are common utilities found on UNIX or Linux systems. You can do a Google search for them just as easily as we can, and you would have a much better chance of determining if what you find is what you're looking for.
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IBM specific

Originally Posted by Max_W
Hi everyone,
I must write a Linux script for a biological analysis. I have an example for that which involves the "bsub" and "bsub-o" command, respectively. I cannot find a description for this command. Can you please help me?

this command is IBM specific.

Have a look at :

IBM Knowledge Center


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