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Testing servers + clients on virtual environnement

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Testing servers + clients on virtual environnement


Can you please suggest how to realise virtualy the test of servers environoment.

Need to test:

Microsoft Server (AD) + Exchange + Linux Firewall
And 2-3 clients with Win7 and Linux Mint.

Also need to test:

Linux server + Linux email server + Linux Firewall.

Can you suggest me some visualization software to realize all those installations and testings on one computer.
All the virtual testing will be done on Linux Mint

Thank you in advance.

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INADYN.CONF(5)						   File formats and conventions 					    INADYN.CONF(5)

inadyn.conf - configuration for the inadyn client for open DNS servers. DESCRIPTION
inadyn can read the very same options which can be present in the command line from a configuration file. This feature allows the user to write the options only once, and avoids frequent retyping. The format of the file follows the *NIX tradition: a '#' character denotes a comment. The long options (those with '--' in front) can also be placed at the beginning of the line without '--' signs. a can be used as an escape character. EXAMPLES
1. #Some comment about inadyn cfg file --username test --password test --update_period 60000 --alias --alias my.second.domain 2. --username test # user --password test update_period 60000 # some other param without '--' alias SEE ALSO
Other manual pages inadyn(8). Internet resources Inadyn 's home page is <> AUTHOR
inadyn was written by Narcis Ilisei, <>. This manual page was written by Shaul Karl, <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system, based on the readme.html file that is found in the source. Linux applications January, 2005 INADYN.CONF(5)

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