Copying folders with only certain files

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Old 02-06-2015
Copying folders with only certain files

Hello gurus, quick question

I have a bunch of folders each having subfolders that have 3 files with the same name but different in content. So I want to copy the subfolders with only those 3 files to another location. Just making up some names here,




I want files file1, file2 and file3 inside each of these subfolders.

I want to copy all these subfolders to a different folder say Folder4

with each of these having file1, file2 and file3...and nothing else...

This is what I tried

for f in Folder1 Folder2 Folder3;  do  
 cp -R $f/Subfolder* Folder4/ ; 


Was able to solve this, thanks..

 find . -type f -not \( -name 'file1' -or -name 'file2'   -or -name 'file3'  \) -delete

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Old 02-21-2015
Do you have to worry about name collisions, where FolderA and FolderB each contain SubfolderNN?

Also, your method copies everything and then deletes what you don't want. How about just copying what you want:
for dir in Folder1 Folder2 Folder3; do
  cd ${dir}
  find . -type f \( -name File1 -o ... -o -name FileN \) -print0 | cpio -p0dmu ../Folder4
  cd ..

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