awk - Rename output file, after processing, same as input file

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# 8  
Yes i got the correct output
But no error message is displayed.
It doesnot work at all.
To my understanding, it is reading and writing to the file in the same time.
Is it possible if I can put a time interval, lets say, 2 seconds between Script and mv command?

Actually this is just an example of the input.
Actual input file has about 10,000 records.
If I can put a time interval I beleieve it would resolve my issue.
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So it is just
mv DEF.txt ABC.txt

that is giving you trouble?

In post #1 you mentioned an error. What is the exact error message..
# 10  
Since i dont see any error message ,

I cant tell if it is coming from thie 2nd or the 1st command but to my understanding, it is coming from mv DEF.txt ABC.txt

I misused the word error. Actually there is no error message.
I am going to update my question.
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Originally Posted by High-T
awk ' $1=="01" { print $2 $4}' ABC.txt > DEF.txt
mv ABC.txt ABC.orig
mv DEF.txt ABC.txt

Looking at your post #1, what keeps you from
mv ABC.txt ABC.orig
awk ' $1=="01" { print $2 $4}' ABC.orig > ABC.txt

# 12  
Is it possible if I can put a time interval between the awk script and mv commands??

This would resolve my issue.
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Originally Posted by High-T
Is it possible if I can put a time interval between the awk script and mv commands??

This would resolve my issue.
Yes you can put a time interval between the awk script and the mv command. (Look at the man page for sleep.) Doing so will make your shell script run longer, but will not make any difference in the results on any properly working system.

Unless something else is going on that you have not shown us, sleeping for a microsecond or sleeping for an hour will not make any difference at all.

You have shown us that awk is reading a file and nothing is writing to that file until awk finishes. Then, only after awk finishes, you mv a file. No delay added between the awk and the mv should make any difference at all unless you're running the awk asynchronously (and you have not shown us any script where the awk command is terminated by an ampersand).

Unless something is going on that you have not shown us, adding a sleep will not resolve your issue.
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