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Eliminate Header and footer from EBCDIC file

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# 2  
Well, the general example would be:
sed '1d' file > file1 && sed '$d' file1 > NoHeaderAndFooter

but in your case it's EBCDIC file, so it's not a simple text file?
If it's the case of removing the first 24 bytes, please elaborate further.
# 3  
If you're on a system where all of the data is in EBCDIC, your sed commands (or the single command:
sed -e '1d' -e '$d' file > NoHeadAndFooter

which would be faster) should work just fine.

Otherwise use dd or iconv to convert file from EBCDIC to your system's native codeset and then run your sed command(s) on the converted file.
# 5  
I suggested using dd or iconv. Did you try either of them? Is the data from your mainframe in fixed length records. If so use something like:
dd if=YourInputFile conv=ascii cbs=FixedLengthRecordSize

If not, use something like:
iconv -f fromcode YourInputFile

where fromcode is a code chosen from the output of the command:
iconv -l

for an EBCDIC codeset.

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