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listing files that does not belong to current date

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listing files that does not belong to current date

How do we list all the file names in a directory that does not belong to current date.

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Use 'find'

from the find man page:

Numeric arguments can be specified as

+n for greater than n,

-n for less than n,

n for exactly n.

so find . -mtime +1
finds all files older then 1 day old
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can we do it without including the files from subfolders


Thanks for ur reply..
that lists the files also from the sub directories..
can we do the same by not listing the files in the subdirectories..i want to list the files only from the current directory..
say if i have two subdirectories in the current directory..I should not get the files from the subdirectories to get listed..i want only the files from the current dir to be listed.
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Try using -prune

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