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How to start our bash shell?

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How to start our bash shell?

Hey Guys,

I am new in unix and no idea to executing command and bash shell and others shell.

Suppose we want to run bash shell then how to do it, witch editor we use in my linux operating system.
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bash is default shell on linux, and vim is what would recommend for its a clone of vi and vi you find on all UNIX platforms...
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Thank you vbe, please let me know that how to open editor where we will run unix command.

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I am asking very basic question and waiting for great soul.
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You run the commands in the shell. The command for the editor is vi and/or vim.

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Thank you so much junior-helper.

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We couldn't understand from reference link, please give hint how to open any editor where we can run unix command. I need help like, suppose we have open to command prompt in window then we open like:
Go Start > All Program > Accessories > command prompt

Please share above type example.
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Well since you are in a shell ( no?) there is no GUI... and you are in a mode called "command line" by some... You find yourself at a prompt just like you would when under windows you execute cmd.exe ( which is a shell uquivalent...).So at the prompt you type vi, and ... your in vi! ( most linux have links vi -> vim )
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If you are in a GUI, press "ALT+F2" (Equivalent to "WinBtn + R") and open a GUI-Editor, like, but depending on your system: Gedit, Kedit or leafpad.
If you are on CLI/prompt, well just type it, as already suggested.

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