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Need help regarding date calculation

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Need help regarding date calculation

Hi All,
I need to calculate the date for monday to friday.

Say today is 10.oct.2014 then I need to calculate the date as 09.oct.2014.
If today is 13.oct.2014 then I need to calculate the date as 10.oct.2014.
If its 03.Nov.2014 then date calculated must be 31.oct.2014.

Please help in in this.
Thanks in advance.
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This is not clear. Do you want the last week's Friday? 9.10. is a Thursday - how does that fit into your algorithm?
Did you consider the %u or %w format specifiers to the date command (if available on your system)?

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Hello abhi_123,

I have a few to questions pose in response first:-
  • Is this homework/assignment? There are specific forums for these.
  • What have you tried so far?
  • What output/errors do you get?
  • What OS and version are you using? Different ones have different tools.
  • What logical process have you considered? (to help steer us to follow what you are trying to achieve)
Most importantly, What have you tried so far?

I think you are wanting the get the previous working day ignoring Saturday & Sunday, but what about company or national holidays? Would there need to be a list to consider stepping and extra day or two too?

There are probably many ways to achieve most tasks, so giving us an idea of your style and thoughts will help us guide you to an answer most suitable to you so you can adjust it to suit your needs in future.

We're all here to learn and getting the relevant information will help us all.

Kind regards,

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