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How to replace and remove few junk characters from a specific field?

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Old 09-30-2014
How to replace and remove few junk characters from a specific field?

I would like to remove all characters starting with "%" and ending with ")" in the 4th field - please help!!
1412007819.864  /device/services/heartbeatxx    204     0.547%!i(int=0)        0.434   0.112
1412007819.866  /device/services/heartbeatxx    204     0.547%!i(int=1)        0.423   0.123
1412007819.867  /device/services/heartbeatxx    204     0.547%!i(int=5)        0.450   0.096

note: field separator is "\t"

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Old 09-30-2014
awk -F'\t' 'match($4,"%.*[)]") {$4=substr($4,1,RSTART-1) substr($4,RSTART+RLENGTH+1)}1' OFS='\t' myFile

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Old 09-30-2014

awk -F"\t" 'sub(/%.*\)/, "", $4) 1'  OFS='\t' filename

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Old 09-30-2014
Sorry Aia and vgresh99, thanks for trying but both solution did not work - appreciate any other help.
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Old 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by snemuk14
Sorry Aia and vgresh99, thanks for trying but both solution did not work - appreciate any other help.
Help us to help you. Could you explain how did it fail?

I'm guessing that if it did not work is because you are not using tabs as you assume, but rather spaces expanding to behave like tabs.

However, as I said before. Tell us how it did not work.
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Old 09-30-2014
On Solaris use nawk instead of awk......
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Old 09-30-2014
Ok. I stored the first line in a file named x to test and tried it on a linux machine as below:
$ awk -F"\t" 'sub(/%.*\)/, "", $4) 1'  OFS='\t' x

Output shows the same :
1412007819.864  /device/services/heartbeatxx    204     0.547%!i(int=0)        0.434   0.112

so, it did not eliminate the junk characters from "%" till ")"

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